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'MYCORRHIZA' (from greek μύκης mýkēs, "fungus", and ῥίζα rhiza, “root”) is a mutualistic symbiotic relationships between fungus and the green plant. This Exhibition will explore and Investigate the intrinsically connected narratives of natural cultures.


Mycorrhiza: Natures Networks is a Group Exhibition exploring work around natural arts reconnecting with our roots, reflecting especially in an age of the covid pandemic & climate change, with over-arching themes of urgent ephemerality and often disconnection. This can be applied to the disconnect often found between mother nature and human nature. Mycorrhiza examines the natural inter-plant networks and the way in which humans interact with the natural world through the tactility of the plant kingdom.


Please submit your work for Mycorrhiza, which will be a collaborative exhibition that will afford artists the opportunity to exhibit with social media and digital coverage as well as visitor numbers at the exhibition itself. There will also be an opportunity to network with other artists involved and further share your work in this format. Professional photography will be present at the exhibit and of the included pieces prior to their display. 


The dates and exact location for the exhibit are due to be confirmed later in the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The deadline for submission is Wednesday 31st March, anticipating a summer exhibit, so please submit any works before this date.  


Looking for artists, makers, designers and creatives working across all media: painting, drawing, sculpture, projection, ceramics, film, sound, text, glass, metal, performance & installation.  


Free to enter as many submissions as you would like, with the most relevant pieces selected for the exhibition

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