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Black Box curatorial space is a student-run gallery in the heart of Farnham, Surrey. Showing international and UK based artists, our ethos is to give external practitioners a space to exhibit resolved and experiential work on an individual basis. This can be anything from performance to sculpture, we’re open to all media. Exhibiting artists also have an opportunity to speak to students about their practice. Black Box has created a dialogue between young creatives at the university and visiting artists, with many of the students going on to work alongside the artists, both benefiting from the experience.


Black Box has been called many things over the years, however, within the last 5 years, Black Box has developed into A recognised gallery with artists like Gavin Turk, Gustav Metzger, David Batchelor and many more exhibiting with us.


Each year students as they come and go get the opportunity to become part of the team, curating the space, website and gallery direction.

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